Your community

Social interaction positively impacts your health!

By getting out and about and being connected with your community, you can help to improve your quality of life, emotional state and general well-being, as well as reducing levels of depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Being connected to people locally and having friends and social contact can also provide you with a wider support network.

Often people don’t know what is available locally or how to access groups and resources, and that’s where our Community Navigators can help.

Your local mPower team can give you all the information you need about what groups and activities are in your area.

You can then make positive and informed choices to get involved with whatever interests you, whether that be an art class, gardening group, choir or becoming a volunteer. The team can also support you in the early days to attend whatever you chose (assuming your chosen group has availability at the time).

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today or ask your health professional to refer you to us.

See the map for further information about just some of the groups and activities that might be available in your local area