How mPower has helped others.

Introducing Anne

“Hi, my name is Anne and I’m 81 years of age. Together with my husband, who is 83, we engaged with the mPower project. I had heard about it from a friend who had recently been through it and thought that it may be of benefit to us. We have a very large and loving family which we see on a very regular basis, every day we see at least a couple of our children and grandchildren and are very lucky to have so many of our children living and working close by.

We are very independent people and don’t require much help, we have always been quite physically active and have a good range of friends and social outlets, I would definitely say we are not lonely or isolated, which if I’m honest put me off getting involved with mPower at first. However when I saw some of the benefits my friend had received after her engagement with mPower and speaking with one of the staff I realised I had nothing to lose and so we decided to at least hear what it was all about, and can I just say how glad we are that I did.

A young gentleman came out to see us one day and casually chatted with us about our lives and whether we had any “needs or wants” (that’s how he put it) that we felt were not being met in our lives, there was some  but as we didn’t have a lot of money we didn’t feel that we could explore them without relying on family to help us. I have been curious about computers and always wanted to give it a go, I tried once about 10 years ago but just couldn’t get my head around it or remember all the things you had to do, so I just gave up on that.

Anyway, to cut a long story short within a couple of months of getting involved with mPower we had our benefits reviewed and increased by almost £80 per week and backdated. We received a full home security assessment and got lots of devices installed which gave us a great sense of security. Handles and rails were fitted around the house and both myself and my husband now attend weekly social groups. With encouragement from mPower and help from my family and the extra money we now have I bought an Ipad which can I just say is fabulous! I use it for Facebook and I do some shopping on it, I’ve joined the library online but my favourite is definitely Twitter, it’s all just there at my fingertips I can watch live videos of the grandchildren, see photos and also keep up to speed on the goings on in the family as we are now also on the family ‘whats app’ group. I’m now looking forward to seeing how this can be used to aid my own healthcare in the coming years.

I know this won’t appeal to everyone, I didn’t think I’d ever see myself using this kind of thing, but I am and I’m really happy about. I would recommend mPower to anyone, its different for everyone and it’s based on you and what you want, it’s great that this is available”.

Introducing Ann  

“My name is Ann, I am 78 years (young) old. I live on my own and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren who all live in England.

I am not a very social person so at times I felt lost, withdrawn and fearful for the future, but felt unable to do anything about it.

Some months ago, I took the bulletin home from church, there was an article in it along the lines of mPower and healthy communities. At the bottom it read, ‘do you sometimes feel lonely or isolated?’ Those words described how I felt. There was a telephone contact number and a few days later I rang and had a conversation with a very helpful lady who took my details and said I would have a follow up call.

Shortly after I had a call from Aidan who asked if he could call to see me. Aidan is a very easy person to speak to and has been so helpful, giving me lots of information from good places to go for a walk to groups I could join to getting me help with safety in my home, a lot of things that I was not aware of.

In the span of few months my life has gone from lonely and isolated to busy and dizzy at times and its great! There is so much going on for older people and I am so glad that I read the article in the church bulletin and now have a variety of different things going on in my life”.

Introducing Daphne

Daphne Nisbet, 83 from Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway is just one of the people who has been helped by the project. She has spoken of the positive impact mPower had on her life – watch her story here:

Daphne was referred to the project earlier this year and after completing a Wellbeing Plan with her local Community Navigator, she agreed to give Florence a try to help her to remember to take her medication. After an initial 6-week trial of Florence, Daphne was successfully taking her medication as prescribed. Daphne increased her independence, something which she has expressed is very important to her

Daphne said “Florence is just a text and it’s like a friend really. It’s definitely there to help you”.

Introducing Molly

Molly was referred to the project by her GP following 22 surgery visits between January and September 2018. At the end of September, the mPower Community Navigator visited Molly and together they completed a Wellbeing Plan and Molly was signposted to a local social club. When she attended, she reconnected with an old friend and enjoyed the social interaction. The Community Navigator also arranged for Molly to receive a personal alarm which is monitored by a local service. This gives her peace of mind that should anything happen, the alarm will be automatically raised and help on the way. So far, Molly has not re-presented at the GP surgery.

Introducing Jean

Jean has mobility issues and until recently had been heavily dependent on family to get around. She was referred to the project by her GP at the end of September 2018. As part of Jean’s Wellbeing Plan, the Community Navigator put her in touch with a local transport service who can accommodate her specific vehicle needs. Jean is now able to use the transport service and decide for herself when she goes out, rather than fitting in with family members schedules. Since she has been getting out more, Jean has discovered a local shop which offers an online shop and delivery service. Being able to manage her own shopping and decide when and where she goes has given Jean an enormous sense of empowerment and independence.

Please note that some names have been changed and some images are for illustrative purposes only