Supporting you

We can support you no matter what your long-term condition might be. We often work with people living with conditions such as diabetes, COPD and dementia, just to name a few.

We support you by helping you to connect to activities in the community that interest you. Learn more.

We can also introduce you to simple digital health and wellbeing tools and we support you to learn how to use them. For example, we could set you up with a text based health monitoring service which could help you to take your medication or to provide health readings to your healthcare provider. Learn more.

Get involved!

It’s easy to get involved.

Just ask your health professional to refer you to us, we’ll then contact you to get things started.

You could ask your GP, public health nurse, physio or anyone who you see regularly for health appointments.

Did you know that people who are connected to their community have improved health and wellbeing?

Did you know that there are a range of very simple digital health tools that you could use?