Digital health

Lots of people are using digital tools to improve their health. The Southern Health and Social Care Trust mPower team are currently working to implement some of these tools so we can work with clinicians to arrange and support access for those who would benefit.

Below are just some of the tools which might be available in the future, some of which are also currently being used by other mPower project areas:

Inhealthcare Telehealth

Remote monitoring for your health condition

This Home and Mobile Monitoring (HMHM) tool can be used across a wide range of conditions to enable you to record and supply relevant information about your current health to the person managing your care, for example regular health readings for blood pressure, heart rate or weight information. The secure tool can be used via text message, the online app, an automated telephone call or via the website.


A text-based health monitoring tool, which can for example remind you to take your medication or supply health readings to your clinician

This is a tool where you receive daily (or several per day) text messages to your mobile phone from ‘Florence’ to remind you to do something. It is currently being used to help people to remember to take medication or to supply regular health readings or monitoring information such as blood pressure, heart rate or weight information to the person managing the patients care.